Day Use Lucca

Do you need a short stay? Are you on the go and what you really need is just a comfortable and safe place to rest before hitting the road again? Day use is the kind of service tailored on your (quick) needs! Day Use allows short stay (3 up to 12 hours), the perfect compromise to avoid complete booking of one or more days. Check-ins and check-outs are largely flexible throughout the whole day.

Day use is the best alternative for all of the following occasions:

  • Daily travellers or business people who needs a comfy place to get some rest or refresh themselves.
  • Those who are looking for a safe and private place to spend some intimate moments with their own partner.
  • A pleasurable waiting “harbour” for those waiting to undertake a longer trip (connecting flight or train).
  • Secure luggage storage to get rid of cumbersome suitcases and freely enjoy the town for few hours.
  • Sporty people or pilgrim who need a pause before getting back on the track.
  • Those who are going to attend some daily event or fair in the vicinity of Lucca.